About Athena

Based in the heart of New York City, we are a technology company
with experience deploying mission critical technology across industries, including healthcare, financial services, and public sector.

Our mission is to create smarter, more efficient, and truly collaborative environments for global industry leaders.

As a company with a loss function for customer value, we're at the forefront of this paradigm shift, engineering solutions that weave artificially intelligent models into the fabric of enterprise workflows.
Athena Intelligence uniquely combines the AI-native platform Olympus with the AI agent Athena, enabling seamless transitions between co-pilot and agent workflows for unparalleled efficiency in data analysis.


Brendon Geils
Founder and CEO
Ex-Palantir and Scale AI,  public sector
Opinionated late night specialist
Ben Reilly
Founding Platform Engineer
Previously GenAI at IBM
Time-Series Data nerd and LLM enjoyer
Jake Colling
Founding Product Engineer
Creator and maintainer of Caret
Climbing 14ers every weekend
Anton Eremin
Founding Forward Deployed Engineer
Ex-Data Science PM at Yandex
Passionate about enterprise use cases

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Global fortune 500 enterprises
like AB InBev leverage Athena to accelerate quality and throughput of data and business teams.