Customer Acquisition

Transform how you acquire customers with data-driven insights. Connect your key metrics to your entire business, allowing you to measure growth holistically. Say goodbye to siloed thinking and hello to a more connected approach to customer acquisition.

Customer Acquisition

A holistic approach to customer acquisition.

From top of funnel through retention, leverage data in your customer acquisition strategy. Make transparent allocation decisions in channels and campaigns, with right-sized promotional strategies. Track these with attribution methods that operate in a cookieless and privacy friendly environment. Continually improve the customer journey lifting your brand awareness and customer lifetime value.

Marketing Mix Optimization

Maximize the impact of your marketing spend while understanding how each channel supports or interferes with the other.

Attribution & Incrementality

Track and attribute the impact of your marketing to the right channels and tactics, and understand the incremental lift from your campaigns.


Targeted content and product recommendations to each individual user, increasing engagement and conversion rates that continuously adapt to your customer experience.

Customer Retention

Stay ahead of potential customer churn with clear actions to keep your customers engaged. Understand the key drivers and develop retention strategies that drive customer loyalty.

At every step of the customer journey


Acquire new customers with confidence using our causal inference-driven decision intelligence, identifying the most effective acquisition channels and tactics.


Activate customers with personalized experiences, driven by customer behavior and preferences.


Retain customers for longer and maximize customer lifetime value with data-driven retention strategies, powered by causal inference insights.


Drive referrals and word-of-mouth marketing with targeted, personalized experiences, informed by causal inference analysis of customer behavior and preferences.

Athena, decision intelligence for operators.

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Supply Chain

Simplify supply chain management with a flexible solution that integrates historical data and planned events to deliver clear, adaptable insights.

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Product Operations

Continually optimize your product operations strategy. Athena integrates marketing, website engagement, sales data and your internal systems to uncover product insights.

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