Supply Chain

Maximize your supply chain efficiency with data-driven insights. Our technology provides the decision intelligence you need to make informed, effective decisions and achieve optimal supply chain performance.

supply chain

The flexibility of a spreadsheet, the power of artificial intelligence.

Athena simplifies supply chain management by providing forecasting and demand shaping in unpredictable environments. Integrating historical data with planned events such as price drops, promotions, and product releases, Athena offers clear insights for continual adaptation. Unlike rigid solutions, Athena's technology is flexible and teams can rely on it even when things don't go as planned.

Demand Forecasting

Make informed business decisions with confidence using our demand forecasting tool. Stay ahead of market trends, anticipate customer demand, and optimize your supply chain with real-time data and powerful predictive analytics.

Demand Shaping

Looking to sunset a product and clear inventory? Expecting a delay in restocking? In these scenarios it's important that teams can shape demand just as easily as they can forecast it. Take back control of your inventory and the value of your stock in the process.

Inventory Planning

All our forecasts include confidence intervals so your team can balance their risk profile to stockouts and overstocking.

Supplier Risk Management

Stay ahead of potential risks, minimize disruptions, and ensure business continuity with predictive analytics.

Athena, decision intelligence for operators.

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From top of funnel through retention, leverage data in your customer acquisition strategy. Make transparent allocation decisions in channels and campaigns, with right-sized promotional strategies.

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Product Operations

Continually optimize your product operations strategy. Athena integrates marketing, website engagement, sales data and your internal systems to uncover product insights.

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