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Athena operates
on Olympus

Olympus is an AI-native platform for all of your data. Any workflow, deployed in your environment.

Scale your enterprise with
software before headcount

Applications that you already use, integrated with AI
The Olympus platform encompasses all familiar knowledge work and data apps that people have learned to operate, leaving the heavy lifting to Athena. Rather than changing human behavior, Athena complements existing work habits.
One platform, with your entire
knowledge base
Olympus securely integrates with all enterprise data sources, removing the need to jump across systems. Similar to a new co-worker, Athena's memory management system learns user preferences, business SOPs and broader enterprise objectives.
All apps feature collaboration modes, facilitating teamwork with coworkers and Athena.

Each application supports live collaboration, multi-agent and multi-user.

All agentic work is transparent through logs and citations, auditable through history, and can be reverted through back-in-time controls.

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